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Acrylics, Gel Overlay, SNS
What are they exactly and which one is best for me?
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Nail extensions involve the addition of an artificial tip to the tip of your nail to increase the length. Acrylics, gel or SNS are the options for enhancing the natural nail by covering it in gel, acrylic, or SNS powder. On the other hand, the artificial enhancements may also be affixed over your natural nails; therefore, bypassing the usage of the nail tips or forms. See the types below.
Nail enhacement options are great for those wanting or needing their nail length to be longer to elongate the nails for asethetics reasons. Who doesn’t want long beautiful feminine nails right?
Nail enhacements can also help those that are anxious biter or those that are unable to grow out their because they are prone to breakage at a certain length, brittle or split nails.
At TBE we choose gel overlay over the other nail enhancement types, not because it’s the easiest or the most economical, but because it gives our clients the best results.
Strength, natural look, non-damaging to your natural nail bed.
Gel overlay is the application of a thin layer of gel over the top of your nail (you can add nail tips or form for additional lengths) cured over the UV lamp. A full set of gel overlay takes approximately 1 hour.
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The colour and gel grow out with your natural nail, so regrowth infill is required after 3–4 weeks.
We’ve fixed brides-to-be nails so that they can finally show off their engagement rings with their beautiful elongated and feminine fingers. We see many clients that have had their gel nail infill done every month for the last 6+ years. Your gel nail extensions will function like your own nails. You can wash dishes, open boxes, buttoned tiny buttons, fixed your hair, type, text, and more.
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