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Your Go To Guide for Wedding Skin Preparation

Your Wedding Beauty Guide

It’s going to be your special day and all the eyes are going to be on you! While you may be preparing for a lot of things in advance, to ensure your wedding goes on great and smooth, one thing you definitely can’t give a miss is looking after your glowing skin before the big day.


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For most brides-to-be, one of the biggest concerns is getting the perfect makeup and getting the perfect look on your most important day, but trust us, if your skin isn’t clean and healthy enough, you’re really not a 100% ready, are you?

This does not mean that you need to have flawless skin throughout, but even if your skin has imperfections and flaws, there are many ways to ensure these will minimised or even go away, by the time your wedding day arrives.

Your wedding beauty timeline is just as important as your actual wedding. The Beauty Element is here to be your in-salon beauty team every step of the way. We’ve prepared a guide, just for you.

Give your skin some time to get ready, at least 3 months before the big day. Ideally, 6 months. This should be the time when you start looking after your skin if you haven’t done it till now, and your diet should get more healthy and natural.

We recommend a deep cleansing facial to prep your skin, followed by a regularly monthly facial to help you reach your ideal skin goal within the timeframe you have. The Beauty Element also offers comprehensive skin analysis and consultation with our dermal therapist to tailor your skin treatment plan and discuss your home regime.



The Ultimate Beauty Checklist for Brides-to-Be


Six months before 

       Book a comprehensive skin and beauty consultation at The Beauty Element

       Consult with our dermal therapist about your skin goals for your big day

       Start your first facial treatment and invest in home skincare products to maximise results

       Book a consultation time with Christensen Aesthetics, our exclusive cosmetic doctor.

Three Months Before

        Pre-book your essential grooming treatments leading up to your wedding day

     If you haven’t started your facial treatment plan, be sure to book in for a consultation and your first appointment

– Organise and book your group bridal pampering party customised to celebrate you amongst your loved ones.


One Month before 

       Confirm all facial, manicure, pedicure bookings for you and your bridesmaids.


One week before

        Grooming time with facial and body waxing

       Have a relaxation facial eatments before the big day


1-2 days before

        Manicure and Pedicure

       Brow check

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Ready to tackle your skin goals?

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