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I have enlarged pores! Help!

Can you get rid of my pores?
This is a question we get asked frequently as dermal therapists 🙂
Short answer is no, we’re not magicians but insta filters can certainly do it for you. In real life, we don’t have insta filters, so it is TBE’s mission to help you regain control of your pores.
Pores are small openings on your skin which are responsible for releasing sweat and oil. Pore size varies from person to person, depending on genetics. You can minimise the visibility and appearance of your pores in a few different way.
So, what exactly causes enlarged pores?
  • Air pollutants, residual make up, oil secretion can accumulate in your pores over time. This makes the skin around the pores stretched, making them look larger. When the pores are clogged, they turn into acne and pimples will start to appear.
  • Oil secretion – Lifestyle factors have a massive influence on the level of oil production and your hormones. Focus on eating healthy and exercising to enhance your skin health. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is true!
  • UV rays – Tanning and spending too much time in the sun was fun for your early teens but sun damage disrupts the production of collagen and damage elastin – the skin elasticity that gives you that plump and glowing look.
  • Age and metabolism. Unfortunately, as we age, our metabolism slows down and collage production decrease. This means that the skin will loosen up which subsequently makes the pores on your face more prominent.
Recommended skin care regime for enlarged/blocked pores:
1. Step-up your cleansing regime. Repeat after me, “I will remove my makeup every single night and clean my face properly despite how many cocktails I had on Saturday night”. Not properly washing your face with the right face wash that is suitable for your skin type and season will cause substances to block your pores – this means more inflammation and acne!
2. Sunscreen – Sun protection is a must. You cannot skip this step. Prevention is better than cure – so don’t get sloppy with this morning routine. We recommend SPF50. Don’t forget your neck, decolletage and hands too. You will thank us in 10 years’ time or sooner! And SPF in your makeup does not count. Find a formula and texture of SPF that works for you. We recommend Aspect.
3. Moisturise and hydrate the skin – For the problem of dehydrated large pores, the easiest way to tighten pores is to moisturize the skin. Use more moisturizing skin care products to keep the skin full of water for a long time. Apply hydration masks at least weekly.
4. Regular facials to reset your skin. We recommend a fortnightly treatment of Ultimate Cleansing Treatment for a deep cleanse and rejuvenation of the skin, followed by MTS Skin Needling. We recommend the BB Glow serum or Hyaluronic hydrating serum.
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